Owner, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Play Therapist, and EMDR Therapist




I am a Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate, Play Therapist, and trained crisis and trauma therapist. I graduated from UNCC with CHI SIGMA IOTA Honors in Counseling after obtaining my undergraduate degree in Psychology and countless hours in Early Childhood Development. I also completed the Certification for Play Therapy and work with children as young as 3 years old. I specialize in crisis and trauma and am trained in SAFE EMDR (Somatic Affect Focused Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) for adults and children, which is one of the few proven evidenced-based therapies to treat trauma.


Person/Child Centered Therapy

I understand that the needs of each client are different. I believe the client is the one in control of their own healing. Clients have the ability to tap into their own needs with the proper guidance from a professional. I use difference approaches to be able to accommodate the different needs. Child Centered Play Therapy is my specialization. Play along with Sand Tray therapy are great for working with children. Client Centered traditional "talk" therapy, and art work well with teens. I provide psychoeducation for the parents/caregivers to help deepen the therapeutic process at home while maintaining confidentiality of the client. I equally love working with adults who are healing from traumas.

I provide group therapeutic approaches such as the Teen Connections Social Skills Group. There is also a group just for caregivers that helps them use some of the same strategies that I use in play therapy while connecting with others facing similar challenges.