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Adult Person-Centered Counseling

Adult Therapy

A person-centered approach to counseling allows the client to talk about the struggles that feel the most challenging for them and get feedback. This helps the client get to the root of the issue and find solutions that work for them. It is not an approach where the clinician will give you the answers but one that allows for space to grow and heal in your own way with professional guidance.

Individual adult and teen clients benefit from person-centered therapy in a safe and inviting space. Using a client-centered approach allows the client and clinician the ability to design a treatment plan together that works for the client. This approach allows the clinician to use different modalities of therapy along the way so the client does not need to try and search endless therapists for a certain type of treatment only to find out later that may not be the best fit for them. All of our clinicians are trained in a variety of therapeutic treatment and we all have specialties that work well with client centered and can discuss with our clients along the way what is and isn't working and adjust accordingly saving clients the hassle of having to start over with someone else. All of the clinicians are trauma focused. Some of the clinicians hold additional certification to practice utilizing some of the most cutting edge therapeutic approaches such as Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Attachment Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing SAFE EMDR. Shame and Guilt Trauma Therapy, Addictive Disordered Eating, Licensed Addiction Specialist. We believe that our investment in obtaining these specialties will deliver faster more comprehensive services and lasting changes for our clients, which reduces the amount of time and the financial investment that our clients are making. We are all multiculturally competent clinicians and inclusive in working with all walks of life and backgrounds of people. We can work with all different faiths and spiritual preferences. We can work with all different family dynamics from single men and women to large families. Although we are equipped to work with trauma we are not equipped to work with very chronic and persistent mental illness or chronic active addiction that needs consistent medicine management. 

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