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Child-Centered Therapy

Playing in Nursery

At Emerge, we have different treatment modalities for children. Play therapy is a very widely supported, researched, and recommended therapy for children. Additionally, we also utilize art and sand tray therapy to ensure that we can best serve your child and family.  

Child-Centered Play Therapy is an approach that allows the child to show us their worlds and thoughts through play. Children lack the full ability to verbalize their feelings and needs. Play is natural and effortless to a child and allows the therapist the ability to understand some themes the child may be playing out from his or her life. With a professional understanding, a child's thoughts and feelings can be identified allowing the child to grow in certain areas such as independence, self-control, esteem, and compliance with limits and boundaries.

In much the same as play therapy, art therapy allows the child to show us their worlds and thoughts in a sand tray or through art. It provides a safe modality to process thoughts and feelings projected onto the creations for children and teens. It is useful in treating sensory processing problems, trauma, ADHD, and oppositional defiance. These approaches can be more directive or person/child-centered depending on their needs. For most of the session the therapist will not discuss what happened in the session with your child, this is to allow the child to feel as safe as possible to share things with us. You may be asked to schedule parent sessions to aid in therapy for smalls kids at times, and can always request these with your therapist. You can discuss this with your therapist during your intake session as part of the treatment plan. 

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