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Consultation Services


We are happy to now provide consultations! If you are a teen or adult who has ever wondered what it would take to become a counselor or mental health professional, we can answer questions and provide guidance on the path to help get you there. Whether you are already a professional that is interested in private practice or a hybrid contract position, we can help answer the question of what it takes to get started. We help with encouragement and understanding of what is keeping you stuck from living out your dreams. We can also help you figure out and understand related fields if being a counselor doesn't interest you. We have extensive knowledge in the early childhood field and other helping professions that are closely related to counseling. We want to help you find the exact path that is right for you. Some people don’t know where to start at all and a simple informational session could help inspire you. At Emerge, we have all been through the struggles of education, licensing, finding your passion, and opening up a small business. Admin offers these consultation services. Please reach out to set up a consultation appointment today! 

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