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Couples Counseling

Distanced Couple

We provide a safe, nonjudgmental space for couples to work through challenging transitions, communication struggles, and unspoken barriers that block their love and growth. In our sessions, we support couples in openly talking through their unique barriers to examine the conflict that is taking up space in their relationship. All relationships require intentional effort, and sometimes directing that effort is reinforced when couples are supported by a relationship therapist.  Whether you are dating, engaged, married, or life partners, we strive to help couples grow in unity and embrace each new life stage together. Navigating the tough seasons of your relationship can be distressing, challenging, and confusing. We believe there's beauty in each new season, and we can discover that together. 

Clinician and practice owner, Jessie Napoli, will be accepting couples! These sessions are not billed through insurance, cash pay rates are $200. Individual counseling for each client is preferred. Please give us a call if interested in setting up an appointment!

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