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Do you ever wonder why when you get stressed your body reacts a certain way, such as you get headaches, or stomachaches, you procrastinate, your thoughts go into overdrive, etc. Stress is inevitable but the way we react to it can sometimes be so debilitating it makes the stress hard to manage, especially if these reactions show up so often they affect your relationships, career life, and emotional health. EMDR is a proven technique to help reduce these trauma memories and responses and SAFE EMDR is even more effective because it helps to address the physical symptoms in our bodies that go along with it. SAFE EMDR stands for Somatic Attachment Focused Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. This therapy is done with a major focus on helping clients with trauma process in a way that keeps them feeling safe in the moment so they can effectively integrate the memories to minimize the negative impact on the clients current life. I am one of the first and only clinicians trained by EMDRIA (the governing body of EMDR therapy) to offer this service through telehealth. Email me for more information at

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