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Child-Parent(Caregiver) Relationship Therapy


Child-Parent Relationship Therapy is for any caregiver needing help and support to create healthy relationships between themselves and their children. The parent/caregiver, child bond is significant and CPRT will give parents the tools they need. Using basic Child-Centered Play Therapy skills and principles, we conduct regularly scheduled parent-child play sessions. This therapeutic approach helps parents who are needing support with children that exhibit behaviors related to many different conditions such as: oppositional defiance, conduct disorders, anxiety, ADHD, attachment disorders, and depression just to name a few. Parents will be given support and tools for positive parenting strategies. This allows parents to learn things such as: how to set healthy boundaries, foster an environment of independence, higher self-esteem, and academic achievements for their children among other needs. (This group us not currently running but if you are interested, please give us a call and we will add you to the interest list).  

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