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Tyeshia Robinson
Currently working toward PhD Counseling



I’ve received my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and my Master of Science in School Counseling from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. I graduated with Psi Chi and Chi Sigma Iota honors. Currently, I am pursuing my Doctor of Philosophy degree in Counselor Supervision and Education. I hold a professional educator's license for School Counselors. I’m also a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Associate (LCMHCA) and a National Certified Counselor (NCC). My experience as a counselor is with school-aged children and their families. As a school counselor, I have collaborated with staff, teachers, and parents to meet each child’s needs including coordinating 504’s. I strive to be culturally diverse and sensitive. I love to learn from others even my client’s and be the voice that some individuals feel they don’t have.


I believe that each individual can reach their full potential and become aware of their own feelings which drive our behaviors. My intent is to help enhance my client’s self-awareness, achieve their fullest potential, and display their inner strengths and abilities. My sessions may include client homework, play therapy, and reflecting back on past sessions. To assure my clients feel heard and understood, I paraphrase throughout and summarize at the end of each session. The goal is to create a safe environment allowing my client’s to be themselves while still feeling supported.

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