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Consulting Group Open to all Clinicians
Ongoing 1st Monday of the Month at Holy Grind Kannapolis Next Meeting October 2 @ 10 am

Relaunch, Recruiting and Refreshments TBA 
Come help us celebrate all of the growth and work we have done over the past 5 years becoming specialists in our field. See how we can network and work with each other, check out the new office space, logo, website, and meet the new team members. We will be specifically looking forward to meeting potential new members that would like to join our group and set themselves apart as specialists as well. Our recruitment director will be on site to answer any questions and provide benefits information. Emerge has been in business for 5 years, during that time we have endured covid as we started up and now a recession and have never been able to formally host a proper thank you to our strong referrals and large network so now is our time to formally launch/relaunch our practice to say thank you and meet any new connections. 

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