Teen Social Skills Group

Could your teen benefit from collaborating with other teens? If so, Emerge is ready to help. We are starting a new Teen Social Skills Group in June. This group will help teens work through the social challenges of today’s world. We will focus on helping teens navigate friendships and other topics that pertain to teens mental health. We will be providing the skills, education, and safe space that encourages growth and processing.  Our goal is for teens to take a new tool or skill with them after each session.

Teen study group

Our Lead Clinician Jessie Napoli will be running the group on Thursdays at 11 AM for ages 15-18 and Fridays at 11 AM for ages 13-14. The starting date will be June 23rd, 2022, and the group will run until August 19th. The cost is $65 dollars per session and if needed, we can offer a sliding scale fee.

Please give us a call to set up your teen!