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Teen Counseling

Teen Psychologist

Teens will benefit from different modalities of treatment that all use a person-centered approach. Teens are learning and growing in their independence but still sometimes lack the ability to speak about their emotions and needs. Talk therapy is not always the best approach but for some teens, it may be. Additionally, we use art, writing, and some media to help teens understand themselves. We also work with teens so that they can more easily identify their own needs and feelings. Teens can then connect their understanding and find ways to meet their own needs with professional guidance. In return, this boosts self-esteem, resilience, problem-solving, social skills, independence, and verbalization skills to name a few. Teens suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems will find relief that they aren't forced to do just one more thing but can have control over themselves. This creates independence and a sense of self-control that gives them the space to heal in a comfortable environment so that thet can feel safer to share and open up.

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