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We are honored to serve 100-200 wonderful clients a week and we respect their confidentiality, you should never be asked by a counselor to leave a review however it is also very beneficial for others to knows about your experience, to help them easy any fears they may have. If you would like to share you are welcome we will screen to make sure there is no identifying information or clinical treatment information before posting. By submitting the review you agree that you are willing to allow us to share it. 

I told my Dad I love coming here. 

You all have really helped my family and it is well worth the investment to see the difference in my daughter. 

He keeps asking all week when he's going to get to come back and play 

I wasn't sure if men could come here at first but I really enjoy being able to walk right in and feel comfortable. I've learned so much about myself and its helped me be successful in my business and a better Dad too. I wasn't sure what to think but I'm glad I did it.

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